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Featured image for post: Brad Klein in Bay Knoll

Brad Klein in Bay Knoll

When you just can’t DIY and are in need of a plumber, All About Plumbing is the one to call! I’ve tried several plumbers throughout the years and, as is the case with most contractors, was never fully satisfied and in most cases was quite unsatisfied. Thus is not the case with AAP. We had a burst copper water line occur this past Sunday morning and so were w/o water until Monday. (No water on Sunday means I stayed hydrated with Shiner Blonde instead. Life is full of compromises.) Vidal, from AAP, came out Monday afternoon and immediately diagnosed the problem and repaired it, in about one hour’s worth of time. As he sat in his truck preparing THE BILL, I rehydrated and prepared for the worst. Wow, was I elated when he presented me with a bill for $172.97!! Most plumbers charge that just for the house call. Agreed, this was a one-time experience with AAP, but I will definitely be giving them another call when I need a plumber. I am not one to hand out kudos indiscriminately, but I feel that my first experience with AAP justified some sort of recognition. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best, I hereby award a 9 to AAP. If Vidal had slipped on a pair of disposable booties before entering the shack, I would have awarded a 10.

Thank you, All About Plumbing

 – Brad Klein in Bay Knoll