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AnnaDeane and Tim Bounds

To All About Plumbing,

As you know, this week you replaced my attic water lines with pex piping and installed a Rinnai R-94 tankless water heater on the back side of my residence. I was the maintenance superintendent for the Pasadena Paper Company for years so I am very familiar with the task that was performed at my home. I want to let you know that I am an very satisfied with the price, the craftsmanship, and the housekeeping during and after the job was completed. Andrew Rios was excellent, as was Ro and RJ Hernandez. The job was performed in a very timely fashion, Andrew addressed any concerns or questions my wife or I had and was a pleasure to deal with. These guys made All About Plumbing shine as far as we are concerned.

My wife and I would certainly appreciate it if you would let them know that we were well pleased with their service, they are truly an asset to All About Plumbing. In the future I will direct folks to your business and we would be happy to talk to anybody about your work ethic and craftsmanship should anyone want a personal reference.

Thanks again for a job well done,

 – AnnaDeane and Tim Bounds